Middleton PA

Interviewee: Mrs Patsy Anne MIDDLETON
Date of Birth: 21/4/1930
Interviewer : Lyn ADAMS
Date of Interview: 17-18/10/94
Verbatim Transcript: Lyn ADAMS
BOHG No: 1994.002
Total Length: 2 hrs 57 min

Personal and family details
Lived at Cottesloe
Father’s occupations
Schooling at Presbyterian Ladies College and Cottesloe Primary school
Cousins and brother
Evacuation to farm & correspondence lessons
Princess May high school, and effects of war on schools
City Commercial Business College
Employment in lawyers’ offices
Marriage and homes
Continued employment, salaries
Birth of son

Living in Northam
Cooking in wood stove Transfer to Bunbury
Water problems
Hospitals and birth of second child
Home, shopping
Extent of town
Business area of Bunbury, theatres, post office
History of Uniting Church & some Ministers
Sport in Bunbury
Repertory Club & Musical Comedy
Preston River Floods – 1964
Cyclone Alby – 1978
Return to work
Change of home

Son Andrew and apprenticeship in Perth
Sons’ marriages, grandchildren
Mother in Bunbury
Bunbury in the future
Symonds family in Cottesloe in childhood years
Christmas and the family
Holiday house at Gooseberry Hill
Holidays on Benalla Park farm near Coomberdale
Farm activities, mailman
Particular people and houses in Cottesloe
Working conditions in lawyer’s office in Perth
Equipment and methods used in offices in 1940s/50s`
Family history search, grandfather’s death, convicts in family

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