Higgins M

Interviewee: Miss Marjorie Higgins
Date of Birth: 26 February 1916
Interviewer: Diana Terry
Date of Interview: 21 May 1986
Date of Death: 5 October 1993
Synopsis: Diana Terry
BOHG No: 1986-006
Total Length: 54 mins 49 secs

This interview took place on May twenty first nineteen eighty-six.
Marjorie Winton Higgins was born in nineteen sixteen in Fremantle to Claire May Carey, nicknamed ‘Tighter’ and Charles Jerome Higgins.
She was an only child.
Her parents came to Bunbury in 1925.
They built the present house in Picton Crescent in 1926.
She attended the State School Primary school, Bunbury Senior High School and spent her two senior years at St Hilda’s in Perth.
She then returned to Bunbury and joined the firm of solicitors, Eastman and Jenour, as a shorthand typist.
She left them to join the Land Army for two and a half years during the war.
They trained at Fairbridge and subsequently she worked in Waterloo, Donnybrook and Dalwallinu.
After the war she returned to Bunbury and joined a Mr. Kaeshagen who ran an insurance agency and was with him for about ten years until he retired.
She then joined the firm Slee, Anderson and Pidgeon, a solicitor’s, as a law clerk again for about ten years until she retired.
She has never married.

A brief summary of Thomas Campbell Carey who was Marjorie’s grandfather:
He was born in 1833 in Ireland and died in 1884.
He arrived in Australia on the ‘Robert Morrison’ in 1862 with his wife and two sons.
His wife Eliza Stewart was only 34 years when she died.
He married Rose Strickland in 1874 and had five children by his first marriage and four by the second, four sons and five daughters.
He was a surveyor in Albany, Wellington and Bunbury districts.

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